Best Ceiling Fans With Bluetooth

Smart ceiling fans work via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, rather than the traditional ceiling fan that relies on a button. You can control the smart ceiling fans remotely from your iOS and Android devices. You can program it to turn on or off automatically according to your schedule. The motor is high-quality and delivers quiet performance with powerful air movement. Ceiling lights can be controlled separately by adjusting fan speed and illumination. Reverse airflow allows you to adjust the direction and speed of the fan for cooling or warm air distribution. For low ceilings, flush mount installation is ideal. These ceiling fans are equipped with a bluetooth speaker & a ceiling light. We’ve listed the top ceiling fans with bluetooth.

Beautiful look. Very little or no noise. Many ceiling fan brands that offer fan control and fan light control via an app interface. If you’re handy with wiring and are comfortable with the task, you can swap your wall switch for a smart one that can control the fan and lights independently or manually. Smart fans can help you save energy and your money. Instead of having your fans on all day, you can use temperature sensors to control. A regular ceiling fan requires you to pull the cord or switch. But smart ceiling fans require Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a smart house hub. You will love the led-chargeable lighting feature. These fans will delight you with music and light colors. The best part is that you have control over which light or music is your favorite.

Editor’s Choice Best Ceiling Fans With Bluetooth On Amazon


BAYSQUIRREL Retractable – Ceiling Fan With Bluetooth

BAYSQUIRREL Retractable Invisible Ceiling Fan
Editor’s Choice
BAYSQUIRREL Retractable Invisible Ceiling Fan

The blade retracts completely when closed and leaves only a beautiful led chandelier. It promotes good air circulation. Bluetooth speaker integrated in music ceiling fan light offers stereo surround sound. You’ll love its sound quality. Relax and listen to music while you dine. Playing good night music or stories in your child’s bed room will help them fall asleep. Bluetooth speaker or light source can also work independently.

To control 7 different lighting effects, download the i-lamp Bluetooth app. You can control the color of the light to match the music, which makes it more fun and joyful. Your friend will envy you for using fan lights. Remote control allows you to adjust the speed and lighting of the retractable ceiling fans. The fan can be adjusted to 3 speeds: high-medium/low and has a timing option of 1/2/4/8 hours.

The fan is brilliant and light is lovely. It’s very bright, and the speaker works quite well. There are no bulbs to replace. It is all LED lighting. The LED bar inside the light will be able to last for up to 50,000 hours. After downloading the app, activate Bluetooth on your phone. All music stored on your phone (iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, etc.) will be played from your light. This model only comes with the 36-inch fan. It does not come with reversible blades. The longest down rod length is 19.7 inches. It has three speeds: high (cooling wind), medium (natural wind), and low (sleepwind).

  • 4-blade Retractable Fan Blades
  • 7 Color Light Adjustment
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Remote Control
  • App Control
  • Hard To Install

Ceiling Fan With Lights And Bluetooth Speaker

Ceiling fan with lights and Bluetooth speaker
Editor’s Choice
HOREVO Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan comes with a Bluetooth speaker and ceiling light. You can sync light to your favorite music to enjoy every beat. You can transform any space into a dancefloor or create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. This is a great way for relaxation.

It is ultra-quiet fan light. Ceiling fan light decoration with 5 pieces of retractable acrylic blade, metal top and modern design can be individually adjusted.

An APP or remote can control the color hue, brightness and speed. You can make the ceiling lights brighter or switch to your preferred color. As the music changes, you can adjust the speed, brightness, or colors.

The Horevo Ceiling Fan is a smart, unique ceiling fan that features a built-in Bluetooth speaker. This allows you to stream your favorite music from any Bluetooth-enabled music device. This fan also has a foldable design that gives it a chandelier-like look. The fan’s blades are curved and stylish, while providing good airflow. You can also adjust the blades to your liking or retract them completely. You can also change the color of your room by using an RGB light that you can access via Horevo’s smartphone application. Additional features include an alarmclock and memory function. This smart fan is truly a modern device that can do more than just keep you cool.

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Smart APP
  • 42.5 Inch Foldable Chandelier
  • 36W Ceiling Lamp
  • Remote
  • Timer Alarm Clock
  • Music Wake-up Mode
  • Shake Mode
  • 5 color modes
  • Color Temperature
  • Instructions Not Clear

JVUJVCI Retractable Ceiling Fan

JVUJVCI Retractable Ceiling Fan
Editor’s Choice
JVUJVCI Retractable

The Bluetooth ceiling fan light creates a peaceful environment for you and your loved ones. Its blade is unique in its design and makes less noise. Pure copper motors can provide powerful airflow and a quiet environment for sleep. Ventilation holes in the motor can lower the interior temperature and prolong the motor’s service life.

The remote control allows you to control the three warm glow settings. (white, natural light, warm light). The Bluetooth app, which also controls the music through Speaker, can control the 7 color light effects. Both Bluetooth speaker or light source can function independently.

The magnetized leds in the fixture were easy to adjust and install. The wire can be seen a little bit from the control panel, but it’s not too noticeable. The app is not very good for controlling lights or music. Although the light features are fine, don’t bother using the music feature. Just connect to normal Bluetooth and stream whatever you like. The blades retract when the fan has been turned off. The blades are small and compact, making them ideal for small spaces. But it produces great air. Even at low settings, the fan is extremely efficient and provides excellent air movement. It comes with a timer, which is great for saving energy. The crystals add elegance and beauty to the light.

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Led chandelier
  • Retractable Fan
  • 7 Color Lights
  • Remote Control
  • Difficult To Install

NUTCRUST Retractable – Ceiling Fan with Light and Bluetooth Speaker

JVUJVCI Retractable Ceiling Fan
Editor’s Choice
NUTCRUST Retractable

The unique blade design makes more wind and produces less noise thanks to its silent pure copper silent motor. The music ceiling fan’s Bluetooth speaker provides 3D stereo surround sound with incredible sound quality. The i-lamp Bluetooth app supports 7 color changes. You can adjust the color to change with the music at parties.

The remote control allows you to control the fan and lighting using the 36w LED replaceable board. It also features 3 color-changing lights (white, natural, or warm). Ceiling fans can be set to high, medium or low fan speeds and have a timing function of 1h/2h/4h/8h.

This fan is amazing! The fan app controls could be connected via WiFi & Bluetooth. Type iLamp to find the app in the Apple app shop or Google play. The app is very user-friendly and has many useful functions, such as pulse, rainbow, rhythm, etc. The speaker has a great sound quality. It can be compared to a small Bluetooth speaker. t’s much louder than I thought and it sounds even better. It’s great to be able to adjust the brightness and color and to hear my music, and the colors will change according to the beat. It has various light modes, from bright white to dim. The fan is quiet and allows for plenty of air movement in the large bedroom.

  • Led Color Chandelier
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • 7 Colors Change
  • Remote Control
  • Retractable Ceiling Fan
  • Timing Function
  • With The Remote, Light Cannot Be Dimmed


Are smart ceiling fans worth the investment?

While smart ceiling fans may seem like an impulse buy they can be a great addition to your home and help reduce your electricity consumption. Smart ceiling fans offer high quality and efficient fans. You can also control the fan in a variety of ways. Although this functionality adds some cost to the fan, it offers significant advantages over a non-smart one. A ceiling fan running on a set schedule will circulate cool air throughout a room. This allows you to increase the temperature of your AC by several degrees. By increasing the temperature, your AC compressor’s “on” cycle is reduced by 10%. This will reduce your energy consumption.

What does a smart ceiling fan work?

Smart ceiling fans are a type of smart home device. A smart ceiling fan often comes with a wireless remote. This is a great feature that can be connected to smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa or voice assistants like Google Assistant. Manufacturers will have different apps, but once you’ve set it up you should be able access your smart home app to do what you need. This keeps things simple.

How often do smart fans need to be cleaned?

Smart fans look a lot like traditional fandoms. You might have to dust them. Refer to the instruction manual from manufacture.

Ceiling Fans With Bluetooth Buyer’s Guide

Ceiling fans are important for both cooling and better airflow. These devices are even more user-friendly when they have “smart” remote access features. Imagine turning your fan off, or speeding up while you’re lying on your back.


Smart ceiling fans work just like regular ceiling fans. It is important to connect smart ceiling fans to other devices, such as WiFi or mobile access to get better and more control. The fan manual comes with each fan. However, you will need to have a basic knowledge of wiring and electrical. You can hire a technician if you have any questions about how to install one.


Ceiling fans are generally available in one size. However, it is important to verify the measurements. They may have larger blades because they are longer. Be sure to verify the weight. The ceiling and fixtures must be capable of supporting the fan’s weight, whether it is heavy or light.

Energy Usage

Smart ceiling fans are very energy-efficient. The difference in power consumption is significant compared to HVAC systems. They can also reduce heat in a space, which aids more advanced cooling systems.


It might be time for you to get rid of your old ceiling fan and upgrade to one of today’s smartest ceiling fans. Well it is not enough to choose a smart ceiling fan that will work with your smart-home tech. It is important to also consider factors such as noise levels and fan speed. Although it might seem like a quick purchase, smart ceiling fans are actually very durable. Smart fans today offer quieter operation, more energy-efficient motors and stylish, updated designs. You can find the right fan for your home, no matter what style it is.

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