What is Eco Mode On An Air Conditioner ?

There are many advances in air conditioner technology. It is easy to get lost among the complicated symbols and names on your remote control. You will not be able to tell the difference between the different modes of your air conditioner unless you are extremely familiar with air conditioner modes or have read the manual.

Spring is just around the corner, and summer is soon approaching. What does this all mean? This is a sign that hot temperatures are back. These high temperatures could cause an increase in your monthly electricity bill. There are several things you can do that will reduce your utility bills. Air conditioner remote controls have a variety of features to make your life easier. 

Cool mode, dry mode, and fan mode are all common features on most air conditioners. Some air conditioners have additional modes, such as turbo mode, sleep mode, and ECO mode. To provide heating, heat pumps can have an auto mode, or heat mode. However, knowing these symbols can be a great help in maintaining the ideal home temperature. This post will cover some of the AC modes you might find on your remote. We also discuss any modern features your unit may have. 

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of AC manufacturers around the globe, and dozens of remotes available from each manufacturer. Each remote control for an air conditioner comes with its own technical terminology and patented name. Although most remote controls have the same functions, each one may have a different label. It would be impossible to cover all functions offered by every manufacturer.

What does Eco mean on an air conditioner?

Most new air conditioners come with an Eco mode, or energy saving mode. The air conditioner unit will still include the traditional features such as cool or fan. The eco mode feature is a useful new feature that can help you conserve electricity. It works the same as central air AC. Your AC unit will work to reach a certain temperature when it is set to that setting. In eco mode the AC unit will shut off when the temperature stabilizes at that setting. The cool setting of an AC unit, however, does not turn off regardless how cold it is. It must be turned off manually.

What does Eco Mode do to save electricity in AC?

Usually, the ECO mode will activate and an air conditioner will do a few tricks in order to conserve energy. An air conditioner can perform the following tricks depending on its brand or model:

  • Motion sensor – To save energy, increase the temperature when there is no movement.
  • Sunlight sensor – Increases the temperature when there is less sunlight in the room to conserve energy.
  • Capacity limit – Limit the compressor’s capacity to conserve energy, but with the drawback that it will reduce cooling.
  • Fan off – To save energy, turn off the indoor fan blower once the temperature has been reached.
  • Temperature rise – To save energy, increase the temperature by 2°C immediately.
  • Targeted cooling – Increase temperature, but blow air directly at occupants to conserve energy and maintain sufficient cooling.

ECONAVI, ECOsense, iSense and Econ Mode are some examples of ECO mode names in remote control. ECO mode is not a factor in the efficiency of an air conditioner. This is because something else always exchanged for the lower power consumption when operating in ECO mode. Eco mode has the advantage of energy saving.

Eco mode saves energy by using the compressor at a lower setting. This helps to reduce the pressure in the condenser. While you might experience a lower cooling capacity, this will result in a smaller energy consumption. You can still maintain a comfortable temperature by setting the thermostat. The AC will work more efficiently, and it can even last longer. Your AC will work less hard to cool your home if you use less power and energy. This will result in less repairs and less expense.

Will Eco Mode Works in Hot Regions?

Even if your area is hot, eco mode can still be beneficial by reducing the strain on your AC. Your room may not be able to reach temperatures as low as 60 or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. But you may be able keep your room around 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The fan turns on once the cool air is turned off. It cycles for about 10 minutes, each 20 second. This is to measure the air temperature. Depending on the AC model, times could vary.

Is Eco Mode best for You?

The eco mode setting is great and can help you save money on your electric bill, but some people prefer the cooler setting. This setting is useful when you can’t beat the heat or want to keep your room cool. For those who live in hot and humid climates, this is an option. The eco mode setting may not allow the air conditioner unit to turn off.

Other AC Modes

Below are standard or common modes that almost all air conditioner makers offer. AC modes are dependent on the AC company, so this is not the definitive list. Here are some of the most popular ones you need to know and how to use them to your advantage.

Auto Mode

In auto mode ac adjust fan speed based on temperature. Auto mode can cause some air conditioners to adjust the temperature setting by default to 25°C.

Cool Mode

By default, an air conditioner works in cool mode. The temperature set by the air conditioner will determine how cool the room is.

Dry Mode

An air conditioner can dehumidify and cool the room in dry mode.

Fan Mode

When the fan mode is on, the air conditioner will only operate the indoor fan blower to circulate cool air.

Heat Mode

A heat pump, as the name suggests, provides heating rather than cooling when it is in heat mode.

Sleep Mode

In most cases, sleep mode can only be activated when it is combined with heat, cool and auto modes. An air conditioner set to sleep mode will typically increase the temperature by 1 degree Celsius (2) every 30 min.

Turbo Mode

Turbo mode allows an air conditioner to operate at its maximum fan speed and lowest temperature. Sometimes the fan speed goes beyond the maximum setting.

Quiet Mode

An air conditioner can reduce fan speed to a minimum by setting it in quiet mode. Sometimes, fan speed can exceed the minimum setting. The purpose of quiet mode reduces the noise level as little as possible.

Follow Me Mode

According to the name, an air conditioner that activates follow me mode will use the remote controller’s temperature sensor to adjust its cooling power and detect room temperature.


There is no one best way to use an air conditioner. You should opt for a high-efficiency air conditioner if you care about your energy consumption. When ECO mode is enabled, the air conditioner will exchange something else to conserve energy. If you are not having trouble with the exchanges, you can use ECO mode most days. You can keep your home cool using eco mode, it will help you save energy and keep you comfortable.

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